Famidoc Digital Forehead  Infrared Thermometer

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The Digital Non-Contact Thermo-meter Sensor Gun is engineered with advanced infrared technology to provide quick and instant temperature readings in both Fahrenheit or Celsius. Designed for ease of use and prevents unneeded physical contact with patients. Simply point and click from 6cm (2.5 in.) away from the side of forehead to avoid cross contamination. This multifunction temperature detector features a sound/silent button for measuring sleeping children and babies, a memory function to track up to 32 previous thermal readings, and mode switch for use on environment or body temperature. Smart user interface design features two-color backlight indications to detect abnormal body temperature. Suitable for use on infants, babies, children, adults, and elderly persons. Applicable for environmental surfaces such as home appliances and automotive maintenance, food and liquid temperature available between 32°F – 212°F (0°C – 100°C).

  • 【Non-Contact Infrared Technology】 The Digital LCD Infrared Forehead Thermo-meter Gun provides instant temperature measurement in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Simply aim the unit towards forehead or body surfaces to obtain readings. No physical contact needed.

  • 【Instant Accurate Readings】 Clinically accurate and instant readings within 1 seconds. For best accuracy, the distance between forehead thermo-meter and object of measurement should approximately be 1.0-6.0 cm. FDA Approved.

  • 【Multifunction】 “Mode” switch button shifts for environment (0°C – 100°C) or body temperature (32°C – 42.9°C) measurements. Features automatic shut-off timer to extend the battery life, and memory function to record up to 32 previous temperature readings.

  • 【LCD Display】 LCD display screen is backlit, delivering high-accuracy infrared measurement data that are easy to read. Smart user interface features two-color backlight indicating whether it is cold, green light for normal.

  • Package Includes: 1pc infrared thermo-meter & 1pc user manual. Power Supply: 2x AAA Batteries, not included. Note** item color may be subject to change. (Blue/Grey) Quality of the product does not vary.


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